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Alternate medicine

Yoga is a science towards total harmony of body, mind, and spirit. It is an ancient wisdom - for a healthier, happier, and more peaceful way of living - which ultimately leads to union with the Self.

During exercise the cells of the body receive a fresh supply of nutrients and oxygen, so increasing energy, vitality and the flexibility of youth. Yoga can help a whole range of ailments including asthma, high blood pressure, lower back pain, arthritis, ME, menopausal changes, menstrual problems, stress, anxiety and depression. Yoga movements stretch all the major muscle groups and release built up tension. Through posture work, as the body’s circulation increases and bones are properly aligned, age related rheumatism and arthritis can be prevented. You should not expect immediate results, as Yoga is a gradual, progressive process. However, some people may find instant benefit after their first session.

At Indo Gulf we have this best way to treat your health concern. We give you the personalized / customized guidance on Yoga, depending on your disease /disorder correlating with your physical and mental capacity.

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