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Critical Care Services

The Department of Emergency is the first point of contact for patients in need of emergency medical care. It provides immediate care to patients with life threatening, frequently complex medical and surgical illnesses. The facilities available are at par with international standards and are available 24x7.

The department at IndoGulf is well designed to enable rapid assessment and management of critical patients. It has 3 beds equipped with all required infrastructure needed to save lives. These are complemented with monitors to treat patients till their transfer to definitive patient care areas. The department has an attached minor procedure room. In addition, Path Lab, Radiology Services and ICU are situated within the complex to prevent any time loss and patient discomfort.

The department is staffed with qualified and trained Emergency Physicians and Nurses who follow international protocols such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and BLS. The Emergency and trauma team is fully supported with round-the-clock availability of specialists from different specialities. The department provides emergency medical services in the area by 2 ambulances. Ambulances are staffed by qualified and trained paramedics, are capable of shifting critically ill patients.

The department conducts regular mock drills and training of the staff to maintain its state of preparedness in the event of disasters like road traffic accidents, poisonings, bomb blasts etc.


Critical Care is a specialty that involves the management of patients with life threatening, frequently complex medical and surgical illness. A modern ICU represents the pinnacle of any hospital's approach to highly technological & sophisticated in-patient care. Our Critical Care unit bears a very pleasant and aesthetic look.

The design has been created keeping in mind the space utilization, patient comfort, infection control, and ease of providing critical care, nursing care and the functional requirements of the unit. All patient beds are equipped with GE multichannel physiological monitoring systems, which allow close monitoring of patients modalities.

The Critical Care units are equipped with latest and state-of-the-art machines and equipment to give complete tertiary care support to all patients (Viz. Ventilators, Bi pap devices, Defibrillators, Patient monitors, Hemodialysis, Resuscitation and Airway simulators etc).

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